April 18, 2008

At Khunde hospitalBeautiful view of Namche)Mice Pick-up

We all arrived in Namche yesterday, the weather is beautiful and the views of the surrounding peaks are impressive. Our research objects are also well off and hopefully getting acclimatized as well as we do. Today we took a little hike to the village of Khunde and visited the local hospital, where Dr. Pokharel will do his study over the next days. We will make our way towards Gokyo tomorrow stopping along the way in ladges.

It’s really amazing seeing all porters along the way, who carry incredibly heavy loads!

We will also start with our color vision testing today and hope for an interesting outcome.



8 Responses to “Kathmandu-Namche”

  1. Markus W. Says:

    Hi Gabriel,
    Nice pictures!
    Good luck and take care.
    Greetings from Augsburg, Germany

  2. Neal Rubinstein Says:

    Hey guys,

    This is pretty amazing stuff. Must be almost as good as teaching histology, right Tej? Keep the information and pictures coming. Just to make you feel good, the weather here in Philly on friday is 82, with 70 and 80 degree weather forecast for the next week.


  3. Ana D. Says:

    Hi Gabriel and Teji,

    The project sounds very exciting and adventurous!! I am jealous…in a good way!
    Best wishes,
    Ana (Sydney)

  4. Philipp Says:

    Hey Bruderherz!!
    Machs gut und meld dich mal denk an dich!!

    Pass auf dich auf!


  5. Ali Says:

    Hi Teji,
    great to see you there and looking forward to other posts. Can’t help but think about Dhauj !

    Safe climbing and all the best for the research.



  6. Jasvir Says:

    Wishing you all the luck. Cheers.
    Aloo – can we open the brandy now?

  7. Jas Says:

    Teji, we will be following you on your adventure! Proud of ya, kid!!

    All the best and stay “safe”.


  8. Hi Gabs,

    Cool site… Hope you are well. I just drove through Schwarz Wald yesterday coming from Zarmatt and Grindenwald thought of you.

    Take Care…


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