Everest Basecamp (5300m) – Camp1 (6050m) – Camp2 (6450m) / 25.04- 01.05

May 7, 2008

First of all we want to apologize for the rather slow updates, but life at basecamp this year is very different than in other years- no internet and very restricted phone access.

We arrived at basecamp after a 9 day trek via the Gokyo lakes and Cho La pass. A truly beautiful hike in! Basecamp is an interesting place; equipped with a bakery and disco amongst all the tents and prayer flags!

We rested for 2 days and got organized for our acclimatization climb up to Camp 1 and 2 through the infamous Khumbu-Icefall. It looks very dangerous and scary!

Before we set off for the Icefall at 4am we made a prayer at “Lhap-so” (Tibetan prayer flags) and went into constantly moving chaos of ice. The condition of the icefall this year is very good compared to other years-still several dozen ladders-both horizontal and vertical have been placed by the “icefall doctors” over crevasses and seracs.

We reached Camp 1 after 6h….rather breathless and spent 1 day getting adjusted to the altitude. Also did our color vision test every night and looked after our lovely 16 white crawling companions.

At Camp 2 the altitude definitely takes a toll on you. Just getting out of the tent is difficult. This year soldiers along with a signboard prevent climbers from going further (to Camp 3) until May 10th. Just a special year to be on the mountain!

The Lhotse-Face looks stunning from Camp2….very steep and blank with blue ice shimmering through due to lack of snow.

Anyway, the shower back at basecamp felt very good as we made the most of our acclimatization trip to Camp2. Back at our base, we worked with 8 of our companions successfully and now hope for interesting and good results!!

research tent in the basecamp with sponsor banner

Research tent in the basecamp with sponsor banner.

Dr. Willmann and Dr. Khurana with micecage.

Summit reach of Island Peak (6189m).

Dr. Khurana crossing a crevice on a ladder.


One Response to “Everest Basecamp (5300m) – Camp1 (6050m) – Camp2 (6450m) / 25.04- 01.05”

  1. Olga Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel,
    Very nice to read these little notes about the climbs, your little companions :), days passed in a camp, mountains etc. We are all looking forward for your successful return and pictures. Good luck, safe trip, good mood, good weather!

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