Back in the basecamp

May 9, 2008

We arrived back in the basecamp. Tomorrow we are taking one day off. The next day we are planing to go up to camp 1. One day later we are heading to camp 2 and if the weather is good enough, we go further to camp 3 (7300m), where we stay over night. It is snowing and the weather forecast is not very good, but we feel fine and our mice too.


2 Responses to “Back in the basecamp”

  1. Olga Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel,
    Wishing you good luck and good weather. Island Peak pictures look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous ridge! looking forward for yours safe coming back.

  2. christian Says:

    Hi Teji!

    Catching up on your trek after a busy time… Indeed not the best year to be on Everest… Did you know this would happen? But now the serious guys can move on…

    How many climbers are around? as many as in a normal year?

    Enjoying it??? Must be an incredible sight !!!!

    Take care and wish you and your small rats a good time on the mountain…


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