Waiting for better things to come! 21/05/08

May 21, 2008

We have been back to Everest Basecamp for almost a week now and decided to wait for the second weather window for our summit push. A lot of people have gone up yesterday and today morning, but we figured it is better not to be n the first rush. South Cole has been fixed for some days now and all oxygen, fixed rope and tents are up. The way to the summit is being fixed today (up to the Balcony) and the first summit attempt of the season from the Nepal side will be made tomorrow.

All that is happening while we are resting at Basecamp and enjoying the luxury of Everest Basecamp with its own bakery!

Depending on the weather we will try to go for the summit sometime end of May. It’s too early to say when exactly……but its starting to become a waiting game that is for sure!

Most of our teammates have left towards the top….one team will try Lhotse( 8516m) tomorrow and Apa Sherpa will try his 19th  ascent of Everest on the 22nd.

I guess we will have more news by the end of this week….so please stay tuned!

We also just got a nice little surprise present from Kathmandu this morning and are very excited…..you will all find out a a given stage!



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