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  1. Michael Says:

    Hi Teji,
    Hi Gabriel,

    so you two finally made it and got everything organized! Congrats!
    I wish you all the best and that the weather will be on our side for the big day.

    Looking forward to see the first pics!

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Joe Says:

    Hi Teji, Hi Gabriel,

    awesome! I wish you all the best: safe climbing, successful research and many unforgetable moments.
    Looking forward to the first pics!
    Take care,

  3. Jasvir Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel
    Heres wishing you all the best when you return.

  4. Ulrike Says:

    Hi Teji, Hi Gabriel,
    good to read some new postings from you. I bet you heard the news!!! I wish you good luck and all the best for the up-coming challenges!

  5. Olga Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel,
    Wishing you good luck and good weather. Island Peak pictures look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous ridge! looking forward for yours safe coming back.

  6. didi Veronika Says:

    Hey mouse guys!

    I hope you’re taking good care of the little “moosas” (and yourselves!!) on Chomolungma! Thinking of you and can’t wait to see you back in Kathmandu!

    Enjoy the climb & stay safe!

  7. Liz Moores Says:

    Wow. Am looking all the info up and wanted to send you many wishes for all the best luck with the weather, the mice surviving, more importantly your team being well, and sucess all around. Positive thoughts from Canada!

  8. Olga Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel,
    Thank you for updating blog and letting know about the trip progress. Glad you are both safe and feel strong and fit. keep on writing!
    Take care,

  9. christian Says:

    Hi Teji!

    Catching up on your trek after a busy time… Indeed not the best year to be on Everest… Did you know this would happen? But now the serious guys can move on…

    How many climbers are around? as many as in a normal year?

    Enjoying it??? Must be an incredible sight !!!!

    Take care and wish you and your small rats a good time on the mountain…


  10. Olga Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel,
    Very nice to read these little notes about the climbs, your little companions :), days passed in a camp, mountains etc. We are all looking forward for your successful return and pictures. Good luck, safe trip, good mood, good weather!

  11. Hi – I check your page almost everyday for news!
    Have a good trip further up and good luck!

  12. Olga Says:

    Hi Teji and Gabriel,
    How did 63 ladders went? did the math… seems it’s all you were doing – flipping the ladder every 8m. Keep on writing. Hope the weather is good and you both would be back to civilization soon.. well you may not see it as a good thing :).Good luck, good weather, good dinner, good mood.

  13. Jas Says:

    Teji, we will be following you on your adventure! Proud of ya, kid!!

    All the best and stay “safe”.


  14. Jasvir Says:

    Wishing you all the luck. Cheers.
    Aloo – can we open the brandy now?

  15. Ali Says:

    Hi Teji,
    great to see you there and looking forward to other posts. Can’t help but think about Dhauj !

    Safe climbing and all the best for the research.



  16. Philipp Says:

    Hey Bruderherz!!
    Machs gut und meld dich mal denk an dich!!

    Pass auf dich auf!


  17. Ana D. Says:

    Hi Gabriel and Teji,

    The project sounds very exciting and adventurous!! I am jealous…in a good way!
    Best wishes,
    Ana (Sydney)

  18. Neal Rubinstein Says:

    Hey guys,

    This is pretty amazing stuff. Must be almost as good as teaching histology, right Tej? Keep the information and pictures coming. Just to make you feel good, the weather here in Philly on friday is 82, with 70 and 80 degree weather forecast for the next week.


  19. Markus Wangler Says:

    Hi Gabriel,
    Nice pictures!
    Good luck and take care.
    Greetings from Augsburg, Germany

  20. Tom,Margo and Bonnie Says:

    Hi There Gabriel and Teji from New Zealand
    Great to hear that you guys are still well and on track with your expedition. Especially pleased to have news of our 16 mice friends- we havent seen them since the top of Cho La Pass, but we think about them often.Wish them luck for their Everest Summit attempt. You too.
    Tom ,Margo and Bonnie

  21. Angela und Paul Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    wir sind schwer beeindruckt von Euren Aktivitäten und wünschen Dir, Deinem Partner und den 6 Mäusen alles Gute!
    Grüße aus Germany
    Angela und Paul

  22. Norbert und Gertrud Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    wir hoffen mit euch auf gutes Wetter und gute Bedingungen fuer den geplanten Aufstieg.
    Viele Gruesse an Dich und Teji. Wir halten euch die Daumen.
    Norbert und Gertrud

  23. neversthypoxia Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    es ist immer wieder schön von euch zu hören. Ich hoffe mit euch auf gutes Wetter und wünsche euch viel Glück und Erfolg und dass ihr wohlbehalten zurückkehrt. Pass gut auf dich auf.
    Sonnige Grüße aus Augsburg

  24. Neal Rubinstein Says:

    Tej, Gabriel,

    Looks like this is the most exciting time: heading for the summit in a few days. We all here wish you the best of luck, great climbing, and lots of stories to tell us when you get back.


  25. Olga Says:

    Good luck Teji and Gabriel. Be safe.

  26. Hallo Gabriel!
    Jede Menge gutes Wetter für euren geplanten Aufstieg – holt nochmal tief Luft und sagt den Mäusen Bescheid, dass es jetzt anstrengend werden könnte 🙂
    Liebe Grüsse aus Zürich!

  27. Norbert und Gertrud Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    wir drücken euch die Daumen und sind ganz besonders in Gedanken mit dir verbunden.

    Deine Eltern Gertrud und Norbert, sowie ganz liebe Grüße von deinem Bruder Philipp aus Ecuador.

  28. neversthypoxia Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    jetzt wird’s ernst. Viel Glück und gutes Wetter.
    Kommt gut zurück. Ich denk an euch.
    Viele Grüße aus Augsburg

  29. Chrissi Says:

    Gabriel !!!
    Viel Glück!
    Hatten die Mäuse auch kleine Sauerstoffmasken?

  30. margo and tom pryde Says:

    We are so impressed with you mouse doctors and your little hitch hikers!! We often think of you and are pleased that you are steadily and safely making your way up the mountain. Well done! From Margo and Tom now back in New Zealand and Bonnie in Canada

  31. Norbert und Gertrud Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Wir finden es eine Stärke von dir, daß du dich für die Mäuse entschieden hast!
    Liebe Grüße von Mama und Papa

  32. neversthypoxia Says:

    Hallo Gabriel und Teji,
    das ist wirklich eine große Leistung. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich freue mich schon auf deine weiteren Berichte und Bilder.
    Viele Grüße aus dem sommerlichen Augsburg

  33. Roswitha,Peter Says:

    Lieber Gabriel, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deiner Entscheidung mit den Mäusen.Weiterhin alles Gute
    und komme gesund wieder Heim.
    Die Schweiz grüsst, Roswitha und Peter

  34. Angela und Paul Says:

    hallo Gabriel, herzlichen Glückwunsch aus dem Schwarzwald, wir sind voller Bewunderung und hoffen, dass Du und dein Team wieder gut heimkommst. Grüße aus Eisenbach von Angela und Paul

  35. Liz Moores Says:

    dear Gabriel –

    Aahhh – those mice owe you! I hope your research will be enormously sucessful (I’m sure it will) Am so glad you are safe and sound – congratulations on an amazing accomplishment and probably one of the most difficult decisions ever. Safe travels home.


  36. Alessandro Says:

    Hi Guys,

    it’s so exciting following your adventures! I wish you the best with the mice and… their muscles and, of course I look forward for a special seminar with your pictures!!


  37. Lieber Gabriel,
    klasse Ideen und viel Mut hast du ja – toll was du geleistet hast.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch “us Oberbränd”!
    Komm gesund wieder heim!

  38. Marcella Says:

    Hallo Gabriel,
    auch ganz liebe Grüße von uns 4. Toll was du da machst. Kannst uns ja mal genaueres erzählen, wenn du wieder zu Hause bist.
    Marcella, Volker, Ronja und Sion

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