Camp 3

May 26, 2008

Yesterday we reached camp 3 (7.200 m). As we expected, the weather was getting worse. Because of the strong winds, we didn’t took a day off in camp 2. Both of us, our sherpas and our mice are feeling well. The night from 25th to 26th we slept with oxygen masks, so we could recover a bit. On Monday, 26th we will go up to camp 4 (7.926 m) where we take a short rest. In the evening (21:00) we continue and try to reach the summit on 27th.


Ready to go

May 23, 2008

It is still snowing, but our things are packed and where ready to go. Tomorrow we are heading to camp 2. And if the waether is fine, we go further to camp 3, camp 4 and the summit.

Listen to the second interview on wdr5.

Hier gibt’s das zweite Interview mit Gabriel Willmann im WDR5 zum Nachhören.


May 22, 2008

The weather is good at the basecamp. It is snowing and most of the other crews have left basecamp. We are waiting for our sherpas. If the weather is fine, we will continue our way to the summit on saturday. We had another interview with the german radio station WDR5. It will be on the air on friday, May, 23, 16:05 and 22:05 on wdr5. Listen to it online on

We have been back to Everest Basecamp for almost a week now and decided to wait for the second weather window for our summit push. A lot of people have gone up yesterday and today morning, but we figured it is better not to be n the first rush. South Cole has been fixed for some days now and all oxygen, fixed rope and tents are up. The way to the summit is being fixed today (up to the Balcony) and the first summit attempt of the season from the Nepal side will be made tomorrow.

All that is happening while we are resting at Basecamp and enjoying the luxury of Everest Basecamp with its own bakery!

Depending on the weather we will try to go for the summit sometime end of May. It’s too early to say when exactly……but its starting to become a waiting game that is for sure!

Most of our teammates have left towards the top….one team will try Lhotse( 8516m) tomorrow and Apa Sherpa will try his 19th  ascent of Everest on the 22nd.

I guess we will have more news by the end of this week….so please stay tuned!

We also just got a nice little surprise present from Kathmandu this morning and are very excited… will all find out a a given stage!


Here you can listen to an interview with Gabriel Willmann on the german radio station WDR5.

Hier gibt’s das Interview mit Gabriel Willmann im WDR5 zum Nachhören.

Interview im WDR5 (mp3, 3MB)

We are now back at Everest Basecamp from our second acclimatization outing; this time to Camp 3 at 7200m in the middle of the Lothse Face.

It was really hard work getting up there, especially since the air is getting really thin at that altitude; more like one step and three breaths at a time! While Dr. Khurana took a rest day at Camp 2 to acclimatize, I carried the 6 remaining mice up the 50 degree face to the exposed site of Camp 3 on May 13th and back down again; unfortunately without nice views of the Western Cum., as it was snowing a little bit that day. But all went well and we feel strong!

Getting back to Basecmp is always an adventure coming down the Khumbu Icefall, but we managed to cross all ladders safely.

We got to know and meet our personal Sherpas for the summit push today and are very happy Hapka and Tenzing. Both two really nice guys!

We also tried out the new “Top Out” oxygen mask system that we will use, which is much more sufficient than the older Poisk model.

Weather wise it is again snowing a little today and there is supposed to be some more unsettled weather ahead, but we are hoping for a calm and sunny period in the near future to begin with our summit attempt of Everest. But for now all we can do is rest and enjoy Basecamp with our team mates from Asian Trekking. There is for example an Austrian climbing team with us lead by Walter Laserer ( who will try to take the official Euro 2008 soccer ball to the top and kick it off….so lots of fun guaranteed!
Please also check out ( about their soccer/UEFA project!

The biggest avalanche so far came down today from the Pumori side of the mountain….very impressive (see picture)! But so far we have been very lucky as it hasn’t been snowing very much, so no big avalanche danger along the route.

We had a very exciting morning today with two members of the Darlow Smithon group
(producers of Touching the Void) shooting a clip/interview with our 6 mice about our hypoxia research project on the Khumbu glacier(see picture). I think we have to start charging a special fee for our mice….so many people come and want to see them!

Anyway, the interview with the german radio station WDR went fine this afternoon (I hope!!) and whoever is interested can listen to it upcoming Monday after 16 Uhr or 22 Uhr on WDR 5 ( with livestream) …..hopefully will be interesting!

Please keep looking and hopefully enjoy our Everest blog and the links!

Dr. Khurana decending a vertical ladder on a serac

Dr. Khurana decending a vertical ladder on a serac

Gabriel on a ladder which spans over a huge crevasse

Gabriel on a ladder which spans over a huge crevasse

Huge avalanche towards Everest Basecamp from Pumori

Huge avalanche towards Everest Basecamp from Pumori

Clip shoot on the Khumbu glacier

Clip shoot on the Khumbu glacier

Mice at Camp 3 at 7200m

Mice at Camp 3 at 7200m